Navigate confidently in the ocean of data!

Taylor-made databases and user interfaces

Design and production of databases for materials properties and syntheses

  • Scientific publications and patents as data sources

  • Custom tables design for maximum efficiency

  • Multistage syntheses in details

  • Properties of chemicals, materials and nano/micro-objects

  • Properties of microorganisms and small species

  • Rich bioactivity profiles

  • “Know-how” novel search methods

  • UI for expert and simple search

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Custom machine learning and results delivery

Finely tuned machine learning models for classification of scientific texts

  • Ability to differentiate between similar topics

  • High precision and recall results

  • Features selection by SME

Plots, charts and histograms digitization

Convert analog scatter plots, spectra and other charts into pure digital form!

  • Digitization precision is > 99.5%

  • High level QA and strict QC

  • Axes with normal or log scale

  • Units standardization

  • Data compaction by simplification algorithms

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About us

We are a small team of information professionals with natural sciences background. While the company was recently founded our experience is almost 15 years in data abstraction and annotation, creation of unique data products, maintaining full data production cycle, and building machine learning models as well as search and visualization engines. We are looking for the new ways to supply stakeholders from industry and academia with the information and knowledge to boost R&D activities.

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E-mail: Tel.: +7 903 779-44-25

Molodezhnaya 7/1
142181 Klimovsk, Moscow region
Russian Federation

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